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love is

February 20, 2019


love is
a gentle summer breeze
blowing through the tall trees
reminding us to sway together
before inclement winter weather
tries to tear us asunder
with lightning and thunder
during a darkened night

love is
the rhythm and the rhyme
taking the needed time
talking together face to face
dressed in love’s tender embrace
grown between intimate friends
not knowing what destiny intends
along the road’s many bends
in life
husband and wife

love is
the silent serenade my heart sings
when taking flight on eagle’s wings
seeing what closeness brings
to your sparkling eyes
amidst the many sighs
of living life together
side by side
on adventure’s rollercoaster ride

love is
sharing life
caring for each other
all the while
loving living
loving giving

love is
a broad smile
on your face
and a giggle
in your heart


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






who is the Messiah

February 19, 2019


in the beginning
i was born a Jew
a child of Abraham
into one of the tribes of Jacob
but to this very day i cannot say
which tribe
because all the records were destroyed
by the hand of the Lord
directing the Roman army in 70 AD
thereby removing the way forever
that i could prove i am a Jew
with no way remaining
to see if it is true

when i was just a small boy
i was told by my grandfather
whose name was Jacob too
about our God
and how He loves us and will pursue
His chosen ones to the ends of the earth
because He loves us and believes we are worth
the opportunity to love Him too
and he also told me
that if i love God and am willing to follow Him
wherever He leads me every day of my life
even through the valley’s of pain and strife
He will protect me and keep me close to His heart
so that i will be a precious part
of His congregation here on earth
every day and in every way
His precious worth

many things have transpired
as i sought after all that i desired
from this world
and then one day
in the summer of 1990
i heard my neighbor and friend Paul say
did you know that Jesus is the Messiah
your people have been waiting for
all these many years
at first i was taken aback
but then
i responded in my worldly arrogance
not a chance
because if He is the Messiah
then my grandfather would have told me
and then
i went on my merry way
forgetting what he said that day
until once again he did say
Jesus is the Messiah
and i responded the same way
if He is my grandfather would have told me
so this exchange between friends
happened again and again
until one day i said
that’s not true and i will prove it to you
and he said
how are you going to do that

i had no clue
how to pursue
the proof i needed
so i stepped back and heeded
what my gut was telling me to do
and so
i began reading the Tanakh
starting in the beginning
with Genesis
and by the time i finished Deuteronomy
i finally understood what it meant to be a Jew
go figure
and then i read what the prophets had to say
about the promise of the coming Messiah
and what He would be like
and what He would do
for His people
one day

so then
i had to ask my self again
now what do i do
to prove Jesus is not the Messiah
that He is not the One
my people have been waiting for
all these many years
and then i instantly knew
i had to open a new door
to find what i am looking for
the time has come
for me to begin to read the New Testament
to find out what it says about Jesus
and so i did
starting with the book of Matthew
oh by the way
was a Jew
writing to a Jewish audience
and so i started reading that day
to see what Matthew had to say
and it got very interesting
very quickly
to me

and so
i then compared
everything i dared
everything the New Testament
said about Jesus
following the cross references
back through the Old Testament
rabbit trails
through hills and dales
to where the prophesies
about the Messiah
were claimed to have been fulfilled
by Jesus
by the gospel writers
Matthew Mark Luke and John
and even Paul
and the author of Hebrews too

and so
after about six months
of going back and forth
between the Old and the New
matching prophesies of the Messiah
to the fulfillments in Jesus the Christ
and joining my friend Paul
and his family at church
so then
i was just sitting there in church one sunday morning
in december of 1990
listening to the sermon
but not really paying attention to what was being said
thinking about all the things i had read
about Jesus and the about Messiah
and then a light went on in my head
and i said to Jesus
you are the One
aren’t you
and immediately
it was like a veil was removed
from my eyes and heart
and i saw Jesus clearly
looking back at me
and i could see God’s plan
for humanity
through all of eternity
confirming everything i read
about the living and the dead

and so
from that day on
i grew to know the Messiah first hand
i grew to understand
that his name is Jesus
and that i now stand
as an adopted son of the Father in heaven
and i began to grow and walk in his footsteps
following him wherever he chooses to lead me
and doing whatever he asked me to do in his name
and to proclaim his story
to everyone who will listen
about his loving glory
throughout all of history
and the future
that will be coming


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







February 17, 2019


Father in heaven
here i am to worship you
to say that you are my God
and i am your bondservant
committed to you in obedience
to do your will
not my will
to say thank you
all the day long
singing my very best praise song
for everything you have done
and continue to do
in my life
with all its strife
here on earth
thank you
for making me a faithful traveler
a stranger in a strange land
acknowledging all you do is so grand
allowing me here to stand
in your name
to proclaim
your fame
to everyone who will listen
to your story
from the beginning
before you created everything
up through to the very end
when goodness will transcend
this worldly existence
and how you helped an unworthy friend
to meet you face to face
in a most unexpected place
so that i could see firsthand
your loving grace
thank you
for allowing me to tell my story
to tell the world of the greatest glory
to be found in your precious name
if only people would seek your face
trusting in the truth you proclaim
and in your goodness and grace
and in your forgiveness
for everyone
who will call upon you name
and believe you are Lord of all
creator of everything that is
from everlasting to everlasting
you are God
you are Messiah
you are Jesus Christ
the One and only
you are the everlasting Father


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







February 9, 2019


a determined little boy
with curly brown hair
races across the kitchen floor
crawling as fast as he can
hoping to get to the dog’s water dish
before grandpa can catch him
and turn him upside down
laughing like a silly clown
before he has a chance
to complain very loudly
having been stopped from his
determined destination
with a determined expectation
of splashing in the water
spilling it all over the floor
wanting to ignore
he got caught

one day soon
he will be walking
and then running as fast as he can
as is the case with little boys
playing with his toys
making as much noise
as he can
telling me
in his very own special way
exactly what he likes
and what he really dislikes
yelling at the top of his lungs
in his little boy voice
leaving me no choice
but to grab him up
and shower him with kisses
holding him upside down
trying to take away his frown
making him laugh with joy
hoping to get him to forget
what was on his one track mind
when he started yelling
telling me in the only way he can
how much he would like
to go back to playing with his toys
making his very own giraffe
jump up and down
just the way grandpa showed him
and then throwing it
on the floor
with the other casualties
of his war
with his toys
and the many other joys
of shaking up his world
trying to climb out of his playpen
to be free of the walls
keeping him confined
challenging his mind
to find
a way out

and if i’m lucky
he will sit on my lap
pulling my beard
yanking my nose
sticking his fingers in my mouth
to see if it is any different than his
and then when he gets tired
resting his head on my chest
looking over at his big sister
thinking she’s the very best
wanting to do everything she does
except maybe rest
because he needs more input
for his learning machine
put to the test
of growing up

am i blessed
to have him
in my life


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






vitriolic violence

January 31, 2019


hatred stands sentry
at the closed door
to the hallowed halls of D.C.
contrary to popular folklore
wanting to create a war
of controversy
the left leaning lib’ral lunatic
socialist democrat party fringe
all the everyday people
of the masses
in the middle
and lower classes

the elite progressive left
the party of blatant hatred
and vitriolic violence
against everything and everyone
they cannot control
against those they cannot make dance
to their devastation dirge
unless of course
you are willing to take a stance
in favor of everything they urge
the people to follow
no matter how hollow
their sentiment of caring
for those
they were elected to represent
but won’t

the party of blatant hatred
and vitriolic violence
pretending all is still sacred
with the evil methods they employ
in their battle to destroy
all the everyday people
under a towering steeple
of liberty faith and freedom
erected many hundreds of years ago
by the American revolution
and the greatest constitution
our founding fathers did know
could be a sacred institution
that only sacred honor could grow
but then
where did all the goodness go
over the passing years
where are all the defenders
of this great American experiment
that even allows these hating pretenders
the freedom to erect their very own monument
to their god of evil and hatred
worshiping at the altar
where darkness lives

so what gives
when only more violence
can turn the approaching tide
of violence and hatred
on its midnight ride
against goodness

so what gives
when the looming darkness
hides all their evil deeds
planting their newly sown seeds
for another bloody revolution
against the American constitution
and every American institution
all because
it may very well be
the only way
the elite progressive left
can enforce their perfect say
in how our great nation
becomes bereft
changing its stripes
from red white and blue
to socialist democrat red
for the oppression of the masses
without regard to social classes
so that only a special few
can reap all the rewards
of power money and greed
when they succeed
in forcing their way
what once upon a time
was the greatest experiment
in the history of all the nations
down through the many generations
going back to the tower of babel
sending all the rabble
scattering in every direction

so tell me
are you ready for what will ensue
when the socialist democrat party will pursue
you and your children
and your family
and your friends
to the ends
of the earth
in order to destroy your personal worth
taking away your property and savings
taking away your freedom and liberty
guaranteed by the first amendment
taking away your bullets and guns
so you cannot defend yourself
or anyone else
against their hatred
and vitriolic violence
supported by the Pravda media
and the Gestapo FBI
when then
they finally come to take away your life
because they may or may not
feel threatened by your zeal
which i know is very real
for the American constitution
guaranteeing freedom and liberty
and Godly retribution
for everyone
no matter what

cannot you see the plot
coming transforming
your world
right before
your eyes

cannot you hear their cries
of attack
quickly floating on the breeze
coming from behind your back
and through the trees
to seize
your life


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






tickles and twinks

January 26, 2019


once upon a time
a long time ago
in a faraway land
called California
i met a lovely lady
with a beautiful smile
and bright greyish blue eyes
looking straight into my being
she always called me twinkles
and sometimes even twinks for short
when i asked her why
she said with a sigh
when i look at her
with a bright smile on my face
my eyes would always twinkle
like the nighttime stars
in a blackened sky
i would always call her tickles
and when she asked me why
i said with a sigh
when i look at her
the energy flowing from her being
knowing someone special i was seeing
tickled all my seven senses
causing me to let down my defenses
so that i would smile very brightly
from the depths of my soul
which made my eyes twinkle
on their very own
and so
from that day on
tickles and twinks
became the best of friends
with more than forty years
of laughs and tears
and many cheers
living their life


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






a border wall

January 13, 2019


President Trump
says having a border wall
is an important way
of protecting us all
from the illegals
entering America in droves
coming across the southern border
in order
to take away jobs from Americans
who most need to work
needing to support themselves
and their families
but then
these illegals
also receive many freebees
as their liberal states’ adoptees
getting healthcare
and welfare
and many other benefits
even when
they continue
their violent felon behavior
and maiming
and raping
innocent Americans
all the while
bringing illegal drugs
into our nation
enabling the addiction
of our many addicts
and even enabling
our left leaning
socialist politicians
to declare sanctuary cities
enabling all the pities
of the bleeding heart crowd
thinking themselves quite proud
by breaking the law of the land
erecting monuments so very grand
to their own form of social justice
making their stand
all the while
helping enable America’s demise
which is no surprise
they really do hate America
and everything she stands for
and are willing
to violate our laws
and the Constitution
all for political gain
and unrestrained power
and political retribution
and all because
a D.C. outsider
Donald Trump
hit the slider
into the bleachers
to win the presidency
and continues to remind
the political elite
every day
of their defeat
to a man committed
to doing what’s right
over what’s expedient
in their political fight
every day
and he’s here to stay
nearly three quarters of Americans
love what he is doing
for the economy
and for more jobs
and because
he really cares
every day
about erecting
an impenetrable border wall
sounding the clarion call
to everyone wanting to enter in
over our southern border
creating disorder
that they cannot come in
unless they are willing
to enter in
at one of our specified
points of entry

but what can i say
Pelosi and Schumer
do not even care
if millions of illegals
or drugs
or felons
or human traffickers
enter the country
setting up shop
to continue their unlawful behavior
wanting to be their savior
so they will join their other
illegal brothers and sisters
voting for the Democrats
that will continue to fight
day and night
on the floor of congress
and in the lame stream
Pravda media
to keep all the illegals
protected and secure
in the many sanctuary
cities and states
set up across the great U.S. of A.
to undermine the American way
that you and i
and all the everyday people
love and respect
and work hard to get ahead
supporting themselves
and their families
without any dread
of losing their job
or having the economy tank
or even worse
have every American bank
declare insolvency
as our economy
circles the drain
even though
without disdain
you and i
take the American way
for granted
every day


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






public discourse

January 8, 2019


there was a time
not too long ago
when everything in America
seemed so fine
everyone was polite
and very caring
of one another
daring to help out
whenever they could
coming to the rescue
in times of need
setting aside greed
as we know the Lord
would want us to heed
His command
to love God
and love our neighbor
and certainly
no one would ever
speak negatively
about another
unless of course
they would say it
to their face
brother to brother
knowing the light does shine
on every single person
willing to go out of their way
to help and pray
for one another

and then
somewhere along the way
everything seemed
to turn upside down
watching the clown
try to unleash the fires of hell
setting all goodness aglow
convincing everyone
in the world
that right is wrong
and good is evil
causing chaos and upheaval
so that everyone
is walking around
wearing a frown
ready to say
the worst about one another
not caring about
anyone else’s feelings
in their dealings
with society
not caring whether
they speak the truth
or create fabricated lies
to the other’s demise
when everyone tries
to make themselves look good
and oh so very important
seeking their fifteen minutes
of lame fame
in the public eye
never looking back
with a sigh
as they deny
their conscience
if they even have one
that’s speaking to them
and as they decry
one another

so you ask yourself
who are the worst offenders
i am speaking of
filled with hate
and not love
in the public

well that’s easy
of course
they are the sleazy
Washington liberal politicians
leaning far left toward socialism
and the globalist elite warmongers
who speak their critical petitions
about their cohorts and coconspirators
publicly disparaging them
with calumnious lies
about who they are
and what they do
in their life
and maybe
every once in a while
about their public views
and ideas about how to
make America great again

well then
where is this all going
can America survive
and her people thrive
when evil speaking
is growing out of control
and what will be the final toll
if we cannot get our leaders
to leave behind their vitriolic hatred
of the president
and his get-the-job-done attitude
in all they say about him
and his followers
can they learn to extoll
their political brothers
and sisters
regardless of what side
of the political spectrum
they inhabit
will they always
want to inhibit
in the public forum


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






happy birthday B

January 4, 2019


B Hill
on this day
today you turn thirty
which is considered
over the hill
by most
especially the young adults
you host
at church
trying to guide their lives
in the ways of the Lord
teaching them
to talk with Him
and to walk with Him
wherever He leads
every day
loving your neighbor
along the way

i thank the Lord
for you
every day
since He brought you
into my youngest daughter’s life
taking her for your wife
without needing
to give me any camels
or cows
or goats
or sheep
for her hand
because i knew
you would stand
in the presence of the Lord
with His word in your heart
and His sword in your hand
to guide
and protect
and direct
your family
in all the ways of the Lord
in a world gone mad
and so
i am so very glad
it is you
watching over her
loving her
every day
the way she deserves
as she serves
the Lord

needless to say
but i’ll say it anyway
how proud i am of you
how you have struggled
and grown
in the Lord
these past five years
learning to put Caitlin
and Annie
and Everett
the desires
of youth’s thirst
to have and protect
a family of your very own
on loan
from the Lord

and so
i pray
that the Lord
God of all creation
would bless you
and shine His light upon you
and guide and direct your steps
and keep you
holding you
in His strong right hand
and every day
and in every way
as you walk upon this land
along the path
He has planned
for you
and that you would
give unto the Lord
God Almighty
all the glory
and praise
and honor
and thanks
due His holy name

have a great birthday
and many more
like this one
every year
with cheer
and thanksgiving
and walking
in the light
with His face
in your sight


Copyright © 2019 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






so ends another year

December 31, 2018


so ends another year
of blessings and cheer
in the year of our Lord
held so very dear

one in which pain and suffering
dominate the landscape
of the world
so that no one
without a good excuse
may escape
from the hands
of tyranny
and oppression
without a true confession
of following the party line
of the mad hatter
in charge of the matter
using her position to batter
ensuring they follow
the social agenda
of the globalist politics
to guarantee socialism sticks
better than gorilla glue

one in which intolerance
on the red carpet
of sensitivity
to another’s feelings
in the name of
and freedom of speech
is relegated
to sitting in the back of the bus
not allowed to make a fuss
unless of course
you are
a social justice warrior
with an elite graduate degree
in truly knowing
what is right
and what is wrong
for everyone else
willing to sing your song
but not as morally strong
as you

one in which everyone can pursue
the American dream
promised long ago
to anyone in the know
and willing to take the risk
of investing their life
in hard work
and integrity
in meeting society’s needs
as long as it cedes
to the well thought out list
of acceptable things to do
by the establishment
liberal media
and every left leaning
congress person of renown
in their own mind
and especially
the Hollywood elite meat
all of whom i find
are well trained
in passing judgment
by the parts they played
ready to judge
what others do
and say
and think
and when
they can blink

and of course
last but not least
one in which all
the social media companies
based in the land of fruits and nuts
and liberal left leaning lunatics
playing politics
using all their algorithmic programming tricks
to relegate your ideas to the bit bucket
in the hidden bowels of their internet servers
never to see the light of a user’s screen
never seen
unless of course
the censors at Facebook
and Twitter
and Google
that your ideas
fit with their definition
of being righteous
for all their users
and abusers
and friends
recovering from the bends
of extricating themselves
from the depths
of truth
and justice
and the American way
able to stay
and swallow the
of the day

i don’t know
what more i could say
about this year
that’s ending
except that
a better one
will take its rightful place
in the annals of history
wending a better story
for the people
of the Lord’s glory


Copyright © 2018 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







December 25, 2018


Christmas comes but once a year
celebrated with worldly cheer
giving those we know good gifts
partying and drinking many fifths
getting stuffed on a great meal
watching football players kneel
the national anthem being sung
Christmas bells being rung

Christmas comes but once a year
held by many so very dear
a day for worshipping God above
showing the world His greatest love
living His life as a man of sorrow
promising a better tomorrow
betrayed and dying on a cross
knowing believing never a loss

Christmas comes but once a year
Jesus’ birth made very clear
the greatest gift to give another
salvation of father mother sister brother
of all the children innocently trusting
of those adults following adjusting
obediently wherever He leads
His goodness fits all our needs

Christmas comes but once a year
the Lord of Glory coming near
opening your heart to His every word
so without excuse you now have heard
all the goodness He has for you
if only Him you would pursue
standing in the light of His glory
telling others the gift of His story


Copyright © 2018 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







December 15, 2018


i said hello
when first we met
in front of your friend’s desk
at work
our eyes locked together
looking into each other’s soul
knowing something special
just happened
with unspoken words
passing between us

we spoke
about work
and simple things
and small talk repartee
about what people say
interests them most
pretty legs
or a good looking butt
or maybe
just the face and eyes
that look back at me
looking at you
with intensity
from within

my face lit up
with a boyish grin
when you started to leave
walking away backward
maybe you thought
i’d be staring
at your pretty legs
and good looking butt
if you walked away
i understood
and just stood there
as you walked away
back to your own desk

i walked away
shaking my head
am i ready
to start something
i just knew
was unexplainable
but not unattainable
that just happened
between us
and that maybe
i’m in big trouble
a new relationship
when all my past ones
ended badly
making me gun shy
and battle worn
and even
a little skeptical

but alas
we continued to talk
small talk repartee
whenever we would
run into each other
in the halls at work
it took me a while
and then one day
i asked you
if you would go to lunch
with me
and you said yes
i took you to
a typical northern California
avant-garde restaurant
thinking i’d impress you
scoring some points
and we talked
small talk repartee
not letting the fly in the soup
get in the way
of getting to know
each other

the next time
we got together
was at the summer
company picnic
in a local park
when we ran into each other
quite accidentally
and decided to sit down
for a while
on the grass
to talk
small talk repartee
not realizing
we were there
all day
that everyone had already left the park
and the sun was starting to go down
and soon it would be dark
and your ride home
left without you
what could i do
i offered to take you home
in my 72 VW microbus
being a complete gentleman
when i dropped you off
offering to shake your hand

that night
i began to realize
that it was time
to do something right
i had never done before
hoping for a better outcome
than every other relationship
before you
first and foremost
i told myself
i needed to make sure
we became good friends
building a foundation
of trust
and caring
for one another
that never ends

and now
it has been
more than forty years
since that day in the park
talking till dark
when unnoticed
we did embark
upon a less traveled road
of friendship
when our love grew
into a beautiful bouquet
of red roses
in our
treasure garden
of friendship


Copyright © 2018 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







December 8, 2018


sits on the sidelines
instructions to strike
from his master
who defines
the mission of deadly disaster
ready for the attack
pulling at the restraints
holding him back
like a pitbull
needing so very desperately
to protect his master
from the stranger approaching
already encroaching
silently broaching
the perimeter
of his home

has already made it
into the attic
hiding in a dark corner
to remind you
of all the evil
you have done

the Lord
drew you to Himself
with all the mercy
and goodness
and forgiveness
for your past sins
and evil deeds
and incantations
of dark creeds
and now
filling you with faith
He is faithful
and He is raising you up
to walk as He walked
and to be as He is
being made in His image
of light
and love
and able
to tell the story
that He is the One
you are thinking of
the One and only
true God
of all creation

yet darkness
still hides
in dark places
where you won’t think
to look for him
ready to draw you in
to sin
the moment you begin
to let down
your guard

ask yourself
how hard
would it be
to draw him out
to find his lying presence
to grab hold
of his dark essence
and throw him out the door
he has a chance
to confuse your feelings
and trusted thoughts
with his evil mind games
that once
a long time ago
in a land far far away
deceived Eve
and convinced her
to take a bite
of the delicious looking apple
knowing it was wrong
she didn’t really care
and then she did dare
to convince her husband
to share
in her sinful disobedience
thumbing her nose
at God
and all his gifts
not thinking it odd
to throw away
her beautiful home
in paradise
her relationship
with the living God
who walked with her
and her husband
in the garden
in the cool of the day
then He said
they couldn’t stay

so now
what do you say
are you ready
to do what’s right
in the sight
of God
the Lord God Almighty
and grab darkness
by his dark places
and throw him out the door
of your home
are you ready
to get on your knees
to ask the Lord
for forgiveness please
to sanctify your home
and your family
and yourself
so darkness
will not return
of course
the next time
you aren’t
to the darkness
sneaking up on you
silently approaching
the perimeter
of your home
once more


Copyright © 2018 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






the constitution

December 1, 2018


the constitution still matters to most
while others treat it as a haunting ghost
and yet it still defines why we are great
being born in conflict and debate

the founding fathers first needed to fight
to remove Britain’s reign holding tight
they cast off oppression winning the war
starting a government freedom adore

they created something very unique
with a constitution equity seek
however they struggled for many years
debating the merits of control’s fears

Jefferson wanted the states in control
listing everything that would make them whole
Hamilton needed fed’ral guarantees
to balance the several states’ decrees

only compromise kept them together
connected by integrity’s tether
each state did not agree with everything
but together they removed despot’s king

they created the American dream
establishing a nation laws esteem
but recently laws have had no meaning
under attack by lib’ral left leaning

globalists have decided to destroy
the greatest country compassion deploy
moving precious jobs to other nations
oppressing our own for corporations

progressives and democrats do not care
if our own live in poverty’s despair
or if illegals invade our border
to financially create disorder

southern California lib’ral wackos
have joined together with desperados
to dismantle their election process
giving illegals full voting access

so too San Francisco’s sanctuary
writes the innocent’s obituary
in order to protect the lawbreaker
rather than protecting the homemaker

so then how do we stop the corruption
when power lies and greed cause disruption
cannot you see the darkness all around
encroaching upon all goodness that’s found

staying silent simply signals consent
allowing evil to change the intent
spelled out clearly in the constitution
to maintain freedom from retribution

we must take a stand so our nation lives
to fight against everything evil gives
hopefully to stop a revolution
before innocent blood’s contribution

wherefore then hear you not goodness calling
to defend against all that’s appalling
to protect lady liberty today
before the constitution fades away

and no one has anything good to say
about a country that once did display
compassion and mercy for everyone
before the divisiveness had begun

it is time to sing the anthem aloud
for a country that grew up very proud
where everyone was given the same chance
to live the dream America advance

everyone can choose to follow the law
if the constitution’s what they adore
following lady liberty before
freedom and goodness exit the back door


Copyright © 2018 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






evil’s quarry

November 21, 2018


can you see the deadly demons dancing
on city streets at noontime advancing
chanting their incantations romancing
Florida and Arizona prancing

why too is Georgia dancing in the street
so that her demons can certainly cheat
saying fairness caused the lib’ral’s defeat
when the counting was somehow incomplete

can you count the ballots you’ve collected
why have they been quietly inspected
have too many good ones been rejected
and the bad ones secretly corrected

wherefore try you to steal the election
to move in a left leaning direction
against the majority’s objection
to carry out lib’ral insurrection

come out of the darkness into the light
restore to lady liberty what’s right
and stop filling up your coffers at night
so you can win the political fight

do you not care about integrity
knowing you steal with audacity
to enforce your selfish depravity
setting aside all your civility

this is a common malady today
to ignore everything the voters say
hiring lawyers to fight for your own way
to destroy the system you now betray

cannot you see the final outcome
when everyone to authority succumb
and everyone is living in a slum
following Alinsky’s beat of the drum

because you fell for the oldest story
how you let another steal your glory
now living the worst of our history
finally becoming evil’s quarry


Copyright © 2018 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






thank You

November 10, 2018


how can i ever thank You
i know not what else to do
there is nothing i can say
nor is there another way
to thank You for all You’ve done
and all the battles You’ve won
from when my life has begun

my words seem very hollow
but my actions do follow
wherever You want to lead
to do whatever You need
in return for Your goodness
and Your grace and faithfulness
for giving Your righteousness

if only everyone knew
that with love You do pursue
desiring every last heart
to seek after life apart
from a world of evil’s hate
loving You without debate
in Your hands my final fate

watch for the thief in the night
he will force you to take flight
before that notable day
when my Lord comes close to say
will you be obedient
or do what’s expedient
faith My best ingredient

has the sun turned sackcloth black
is your world under attack
can you now remember why
the stars drop out of the sky
when prophets said He comes soon
death comes in the afternoon
angels singing my Lord’s tune

He’s walking around alive
Satan will never survive
only goodness shines the light
ascending homeward in flight
returning back to His throne
His sacrifice did atone
to protect His very own

can you hear him calling you
asking you to Him pursue
will you let go of your past
in return His love will last
can you now in Him believe
and to Him will you now cleave
so His love you can receive


Copyright © 2018 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






fond memories

November 7, 2018


there was
a beautiful little girl
with a beautiful brown curl
who loved to sing
the pleasant songs
she learned at church
singing to herself
and to anyone else
who would listen
she spoke
in her pleasant little voice
all that she remembered
which seemed to be everything
from the commercials she saw
watching Barney
the friendly purple dinosaur
and her other children’s shows
and all the movie dialogs
she remembered
quite easily
and friends

she was homeschooled
until high school
by her mother
in reading and writing
and critical thinking skills
and the history of America
and the geography of the world
and the truth
according to the Lord
by her father
in the many intricacies
of mathematics
and the many different kinds
of science
that intrigued her mind
and other important things
like the construction
of a hidden fort
under the baby grand piano
using blankets and towels
so she could make her stand
with her sister
against the
and the

they would drive
to the California coast
in search of caves
and tide pools
where the water
flowed in
and flowed out
with each wave
leaving behind
small shells
and small fish
swimming around
in the tide pool
until the next wave
released them
from captivity
back into
the Pacific ocean
and deposited
other shells
and other fish
to explore
and sometimes
even more

they would visit
the planetarium
in San Francisco
in the dark
the nighttime sky
with all the stars
through the heavens
seeing all the
like Orion the hunter
and Cassiopeia the queen
and Pegasus the flying horse
and many others
that you would recognize
if you saw them
for yourself
they went to
the aquarium
in Monterey California
on the ocean
to see all the different
kinds of sea creatures
living together
in their many habitats
with different kinds
of sharks
and large tuna
and sea horses
and star fish
and sea otters
and octopuses
swimming around
with the occasional
staff member
who jumps in with them
to make sure
they are staying healthy
the huge sting ray
swimming around
in its own shallow tank
so everyone
can try
to touch it

they went to
to the exploratorium
in San Francisco
to learn
first hand
how science worked
how magnets attracted
and repelled
and how electricity
could light up
a simple light bulb
or a large town
and how visual perception
could be fooled
by making small things
appear to be large
and by making large things
appear to be small
they went to
to the zoo
in San Francisco
to see all the wild animals
in cages
made to look like
their natural habitat
with lions
and tigers
and giraffes
and elephants
and hippopotamuses
and sea lions
and best of all
the orangutan family
who made funny faces
at all the people
who made funny faces
at them

i wonder
who enjoyed those trips
the beautiful little girl
with a brown curl
who was intrigued
by what she saw
and what she learned
her father
who cherished
the very special time
they spent
every moment
with fond
of his own

he would tell her
silly stories
that made her laugh
and say
‘oh dad’
the time
the whole family
was driving over
the Dumbarton bridge
and he asked
if she knew
the bridge
was named after
and when
she said
she didn’t know
he told her
it was named
after a guy
named Mr Barton
who was famous
in California
for doing something
or other
in the past
he was
but never
a bum

and then
she grew up
and went off
to a private high school
and to a great college
in Spokane
where she got great grades
and had lots of friends
and where she met
her future husband
and the future father
of her beautiful little girl
with more than one golden curl
who loves to sing songs
from church
and to laugh and giggle
quite loudly
with her grandfather
when they’re together
silly games
the future father
of her cute little baby boy
who loves to explore
every toy
in his mouth
when he can grasp it
with his little hands
and who loves to bounce
as high as he could
he would
find the

he doesn’t get to see
his beautiful little girl
with the brown curl
not nearly
because they live
in another state
many miles
and so
he misses her
more than enough
which is
very tough
to handle
he writes
his fond memories
rattling around
in his head


Copyright © 2018 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







November 4, 2018


where in the world
can you hide
where can you abide
to survive
the anger
that is being unfurled
against anyone
and everyone
who will not applaud
the left’s vitriolic hate
and attacks of violence
and their racist remarks
for which
they allow no debate
at all
they think
quite sanctimoniously
and most erroneously
that right is wrong
and wrong is right
without reservation
or serious contemplation
most assuredly
that to live
doing what they think wrong
and condemning
what they think right
is singing an idiot’s song
getting carried along
in the wake of
gray haired
white men
and cannot be
for long
and unattacked
and certainly
never backed
trying to stand up
against the pent up
and hatred
and disdain
eating away
at the hearts
and minds
of all the liberals
and progressives
and aggressives
to tear down society
with all its impropriety
and expected sobriety
from time to time
even though
it has been
on its own
for over two hundred years
in spite of all the tears
and fears
and fighting smears
all the people
to tear up the Constitution
without any retribution
and never
come up with
any new solution
of their own
so they bemoan
while they
seize control
and make everyone
to their very own
little known
slow tune
ensuring that
and prance
into a revolution waltz
and executed
by the entitled elite
of the left leaning
liberal lunatics
the complete
of the every day
common people
who still believe
that caring
and daring
to help
those less fortunate
who are not without value
and are not without worth
the very goodness of the earth
standing tall
in the face of
the growing new breed
with their fake new creed
and their
new society
of oppression
and regression
to the middle ages
keeping the serfs
in modern day cages
lovingly called
inner cities
of despair
and disrepair
gathered together
in prayer
for things
to return
to the way
they used to be
in our nation’s
spoke politely
to each other
and respected
each other’s opinions
according to Emily Post
who taught us to make the most
of every relationship
even if
we could never
agree with


Copyright © 2018 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






a long time ago

November 1, 2018


a long time ago
in a land far far away
there came a special day
in which a great light
from heaven
shined into the darkness
and then decided
it was the right time
to make an appearance
in a home
among the people
living upon the earth
in that land
of sand
and milk
and honey

He came alone
as a new born baby
in a manger
to Godly parents
who were descended from David
and they named Him Jesus
which means God with us
as God instructed them to do
and they knew
something special
was happening
God told them
before it happened
and that someone
has come
to point the way
for His people
to find their way back
to the Holy One
to the only One
the only true God
who created
all that there is
in the land
and in the sea
and in the air
the only One
to care

He grew in stature
and wisdom
into a humble
and righteous
who was the way
and the truth
and the life
and the only way
to go
the only way
for all those people
whose heart
He touched
with His love
and His good news
for many many days
He remained a mystery
He would not say
why He came to earth
in that land
of promise
and of sand
and milk
and honey

then one day
He showed up
at the Jordan river
to be baptized
by His cousin John
He came out of the water
the heavens opened up
and a dove descended
upon Him
and the Father said
from heaven
in a loud voice
that everyone could hear
this is My beloved Son
in whom I am well pleased
they need to pay attention
to Him

and then
after the devil tried to temp Him
three times
and failed
He started His ministry
ordained by His Father
to seek and save
the lost sheep
of the house
of Israel
to turn their hearts
back to the living God
who loves them
and desires that all
would come
to a saving knowledge
of God
He found it quite odd
the leaders of His people
who should have known God the best
put His people to the test
to live righteously
like them
and to follow
God’s commands
like them
even though
they walked around
that they were righteous
all the time
and pretending
that they followed
God’s commands
all of them
and that they knew God
and His word
from the Tanakh
they did not

they did not recognize Him
as the Messiah
or even know
that He was the promise
given to their fathers
a long time ago
when Abraham believed God
and it was counted
for righteousness
and when Moses said
one like me will come
and to Him you must listen
and when David was promised
that one of His descendants
would sit on his throne
to be forsaken
by God
or man

so then
He went to all the everyday people
to all the common people
the ones
the leaders of Israel
and refrained
from showing the true way
to those who knew
they were sick
and in need of a physician
to heal their soul
and quicken their spirit
and live inside of them
so they would know
how to live righteously
and so they could
live in a way
that praised
and honored
and glorified
the only Holy One
and His Son
Jesus Christ
the Messiah
long ago
by God

but then
the Jewish leaders
of His time
really hated Him
a lot
because the people
the common
everyday people
liked Him
and crowded around Him
to hear what He had to say
and followed Him
in large crowds
wherever He went
the leaders
kept trying to kill Him
one of Jesus’ own disciples
sold Him out
for thirty pieces of silver
to His enemies
and He was falsely accused
of blasphemy
by the Jewish leaders
and He was arrested
and tested
and sentenced to death
on a cross
He was crucified
and died
and was buried dead
until He rose again
to life
and walked around
and greeting
many people
who were glad to see
He was alive again
and talking
of His Father God
and of salvation
so that elation
their hearts

and then
when He was done
showing His disciples
and especially Thomas
who was doubting
and at least
five hundred more
that He was alive
as He promised
before He was crucified
it was time
for Him to return home
to heaven
to take His rightful place
at the right hand of the Father
the Majesty on high
so He could tell His Father
all about the people He met
that loved Him
and were willing
to follow Him
He would lead them
even to death
they went around the world
telling everyone they met
about Jesus
the Messiah
and about His sinless life
and His betrayal by the Jews
and His death
on a Roman cross
and His resurrection
from death to life
after three days
and three nights
and His ascension
into heaven
to sit at the right hand
of the Father
if you confess
with your mouth
that Jesus is Lord
of all
if you believe
in your heart
that He was raised
from the dead
to live again
you will be saved
and you will be sealed
and you will be redeemed
to spend all of eternity
in heaven
with Jesus Christ
the Messiah
and with God
the Father
being loved
and ever

and amen


Copyright © 2018 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






simple love

October 27, 2018


i can alone begin to see the end
from a vantage point high atop the trees
nighttime comes again from around the bend
to entangle us in her gentle breeze
for many years you are my closest friend
giving me a lifetime of happiness
we share a love only time comprehend
secured for us by God’s gracious goodness
life always has its many ups and downs
challenging us to keep our love intact
morning politics causes many frowns
but talking about grandkids does distract
     together for more than half a lifetime
     daily our simple love writes a new rhyme


Copyright © 2018 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







October 26, 2018


Albert spent his early days
chasing rays
of light
thinking himself very bright
chasing the waves rippling through time
flowing outward in concentric circles
like the light of a bare bulb
in the ceiling of a basement
but then he thought it was a crime
that no one considered
light was also made of particles
so he wrote articles
explaining how the particles
traveling straight as an arrow
heading for tomorrow
were very real

he tried to ride
these light particle beams
of flowing streams
of photons
a.k.a. light quanta
through his imagination
using his powers of contemplation
to travel through
the vastness of his mind
hoping he could find
the confirmation
he needed to prove
that the particle beams
travel as it seems
faster than a speeding bullet
at one hundred eighty six thousand
miles every second
with no need
to heed
the traffic laws
imposed by men

he originally thought there was just more
to Newton’s apple falling on his head
so he thought instead
that if he used his imagination
and his powers of contemplation
that maybe
just maybe
he could think up experiments
of various life predicaments
played out in his mind
to see if he could find
the very special key
to unlock the secrets
of the hidden universe
that his mind did traverse
so easily

he found that light
traveled straight and true
never changing speed
no matter who’s watching
from anywhere
here or there
it can change direction
making a slight correction
when acted upon
by an outside force
of course
like gravity
or some other kind of field
like electricity
his ideas were quite
an eccentricity
for his time

he even proved
that your time
and my time
are never the same time
unless we stood
in the very same location
at the very same time
while traveling on a train
or on a plane
or in a rocket ship
taking a long trip
going very fast
from here to there
and even
when lightning strikes
in two places
at the same time
they cannot really be
if you are standing there
and i am standing here
you are moving very fast
and i am standing still
dead and planted
but alive
with my two feet
firmly planted
on the ground
so he found
is a myth
and very
by generals
and presidents

oh by the way
he showed that day
that a very small mass
can produce
an enormous surge
if you have the urge
of pent up energy
that when released
can blow up
miles and miles
of people
and houses
and trees
and stores
and so much more
and turn them all
into nothing at all
just vapor
blowing in the breeze
and gone
to be seen

but then
he had
a great
of humor


Copyright © 2018 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






two hearts

October 22, 2018


once there was a simple man
whose life actually began
in a New York City war zone
but he doesn’t like to bemoan
the difficulties imposed
at the hands of another uncomposed
and finally exposed
to his scrutiny
when he grew up

and so
after many ups and downs
and relationships with the devil’s clowns
he met his one true love
the lady he was dreaming of
all his life
and he asked her to be his wife
she said no at first
so he feared the worst
but she finally recapitulated
seeming somewhat elated
they lived their life
in the middle of the strife
of many ups and downs
and many simple sounds
of two children laughing and crying
they were really trying
to work things out
with hugs and maybe even a shout
before the day was done
and they continue to have fun
after thirty nine years

and so
one day they woke up
sitting drinking from a coffee cup
he was almost forty five
and she was almost thirty eight
just coming alive
maybe a little late
when the Lord touched their hearts
each separately
and then

and then one day
he said to himself
what do i have to fear
seventy two for me is here
and sixty five for her
with a loud cheer
even though
their days are almost done
but definitely not yet gone
the sun still shines
over the lake and pines
through the tall trees
bending in the breeze
but only our Lord sees
where the path is going
we are never knowing
just plodding along
singing a silent song
just putting one foot
in front of the other
following the hidden path
made only for us
a path only we can see
with spiritual sight
day or night

and now
i remind You Lord
all that You have asked
everything You have tasked
i have done for You graciously
even tenaciously
following You most patiently
awaiting Your direction
quite expectantly
before the day is almost done
almost gone is the sun
from the sky
where You are nigh

so before the daylight finally fades
and there are no more Thanksgiving parades
we await Your further direction
even encourage Your inspection
of two hearts that are forever Yours
forever and only always Yours
ready to respond
two souls that are so very fond
of You
two hearts beating as one
with You


Copyright © 2018 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






some days

October 20, 2018


some days
the ancient
leatherback sea turtle
walks out of the water
taking his place
lounging lavishly
on the sand
where the sun shines
the warmest
soaking up the rays
on the hottest of days

some days
the ancient turtle
lounges languidly
in the slow moving current
on the ocean floor
protected by his leathery shell
so no one can tell
if he is alive
watching the brightly colored fish
swim past
very fast
so they won't get eaten
by larger predators
in the neighborhood

but today
he finds himself
in the midst
of an underwater gathering
overflowing with friendly fish
and even a few other turtles
from other families
friendly enough
to help him feel
somewhat comfortable
during the open discussion
of how they can help
others less fortunate
than themselves
in other neighborhoods
from being eaten
by larger predators

and then
he hides away
in his protected
cubby hole
on the ocean floor
with a secret back door
so that he can escape
from danger
protecting himself


Copyright © 2018 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







October 20, 2018


the father of lies stands within their midst
speaking enticing words hatred enlist
demanding they lie to all innocence
deceiving all goodness with persistence

they are ready and willing to cast blame
on anyone they are trying to tame
using their politics of destruction
to burn down the nation with obstruction

they seek to ridicule conservatives
with their lib’ral fake news imperatives
ready to destroy a reputation
to win their followers’ admiration

when all they are doing galvanizes
allowing the right to win more prizes
in the upcoming midterm elections
ensuring more democrat defections

how long will they continue on this path
thinking themselves vigilantes of wrath
to push their politics of injustice
enslaving goodness within avarice

if only we could get them to play nice
i can only wonder how much their price
will they be satisfied with any less
than all the power for them to possess

they follow after Alinsky and Marx
always ready with their hate filled remarks
to attack anyone who follows Trump
with their loud verbal vitriolic dump

protesters gather wherever needed
making sure that their violence heeded
when taking their stand against freedom’s speech
cracking heads their only sure way to teach

the sad post-Constitution days began
when everyday people are no more than
political pawns for the left’s elite
as they plan to trounce the right in defeat

now some with evil thoughts have stolen peace
and left us to pay off the devil’s lease
can we take back our country from the left
winning the midterms to leave them bereft

never trade in hope for tranquility
nor wrestle the left for civility
and never give in to futility
but put an end to their hostility


Copyright © 2018 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






how dare he

October 15, 2018


i was sitting at home
in my cluttered office
at my oak desk
in my swank swivel chair
by my computers
and my books
and my dvds
ready to watch
on my forty two inch Sony TV
in brilliant living color
and reading my old poems
from the seventies
when all of a sudden
it hit me
what am i doing
why do i care
about writing promising poems
about the lib’ral left’s
lunatic politics of social destruction
in this postmodern world
whatever that means
(who comes up with these names)

no one will ever care
i think to myself
no one will ever
want to read them
fifty years from now
to open their mind
to learn one man’s
critical thinking view
writing everything he sees as true
from his passionate perspective
our post Constitution society
(i made that one up myself)
of vitriolic hate speech
and gang beatings
and ugly angry confrontations
of their political opponents
by the
languishing left leaning lib’ral lunatics
smoking all the cool-aide
they can get their grubby hands on
and by Marxist politicians gone wild
forgetting their civility
and destroying the tranquility
that once
a long time ago
in a galaxy far far away
was embraced by politicians
who were men of sacred honor
but now the democrats
and their social media shills
and their main stream media puppet masters
and their deep state cohorts
have finally given way
to rapaciousness
and calumny
and downright unrighteous
of evil incarnate
all because they think that
Karl Marx
Saul Alinsky
were their heroes
from the sixties sit-ins
and free love
and the Chicago seven

but they do hate Trump
the most
because he tries to beat them back
with his bully pulpit
in the opposition media
going nowhere
and with his personal
twitter tweets
that every one
who’s anyone
and then
they respond with vitriol
to his bold statements
about America’s greatness
and his even bolder criticism
and they do not hesitate to say of dem slogans
how he’s gone insane
and how he’s stupid
and how he’s destroying this country
by lowering taxes
and by increasing people’s wages
and by increasing homegrown manufacturing
and by renegotiating NAFTA
with Mexico and Canada
to be more balanced for the US of A
and by trying to renegotiate EU trade deals
to be more fair to the American buyer
and by putting China on notice
that they can no longer steal
our intellectual property
and that
if they don’t want to
open up their country
to buy more of our goods
then we will impose stiff tariffs
on them
and by trying to denuclearize North Korea
and by stopping Iran from becoming a nuclear power
so they will never be able to destroy Israel and America
and by wanting to build a border wall
to keep out people crossing
our border illegally
so they can soak up all the welfare dollars
and rape and steal and murder
and keep American workers
real citizens of the US of A
out of good paying American jobs
by the way
vote illegally for lib’ral democrats
who promised them
stolen wealth
and protection
and sanctuary cities
and cabins
on the dung strewn beaches
of San Francisco

must really be crazy
to want to
make America great again

how dare he


Copyright © 2018 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






how long

September 29, 2018


the name of the Lord is my strong tower
seeking refuge in Your mighty power
seeking the outcome in heaven written
long before my heart for You was smitten

Your faithfulness will always guard my heart
protecting me from a world torn apart
providing for my every worldly need
in the midst of a people chasing greed

You asked me long ago my heart’s desire
and i said Your word my purifier
then study you must as heir of My grace
and day after day you must seek My face

Your face O Lord will i seek every day
awaiting Your goodness to show the way
wanting only to glorify Your name
trusting Your love to keep my heart aflame

You my Lord will i follow anywhere
leading me by Your goodness to declare
Your power and glory and majesty
to a world drowning in dishonesty

but alas it seems a futile attempt
to speak boldly where there is such contempt
with a government’s political wars
against everyone the deep state abhors

they say that words spoken do not matter
covering the truth with lying chatter
saying anything to get their own way
even destroying those their words betray

they sell their souls for money and power
making the conservative right cower
wanting to set all innocence ablaze
walking the hallowed halls of evil’s maze

how long O Lord till You avenge Your name
blasphemed by a government for acclaim
trying to destroy your congregation
who follow the God of life’s creation

will i ever see your anger poured out
defending Your people who never doubt
that goodness wins out in the day of war
defeating darkness Your people abhor

i await the day goodness reigns on high
when Your people no longer need to cry
when the battle over evil is done
and everyone remembers how You’ve won


Copyright © 2018 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







September 3, 2018


i can hear the sounds of freedom dying
and persecuted innocence crying
as a result of corruption’s power
operating out of Sauron’s tower

walking in Hoover’s F.B.I. footsteps
following after his hidden precepts
trying to direct government affairs
from darkness underneath the basement stairs

they lie in order to misdirect truth
like a game of chance in a carny booth
using sleight of hand to redefine good
so evil’s ways would be misunderstood

who can hear the desperate sounds of hate
spoken by lib’rals to goodness berate
and who can see them covering up greed
leaders corrupted for obsession’s need

the media express their true desire
to continue with lib’rals to conspire
and with corrupt F.B.I. leadership
entangling goodness within evil’s grip

once integrity reigned in people’s heart
and godly goodness did set them apart
doing that which was right for conscience sake
never wanting to make evil’s mistake

but then the world began to rearrange
by seeking after darkness for a change
and capitalism became satan’s pawn
set for destruction by socialism’s spawn

the more they hate violence emerges
confronting innocence with dark urges
seeking destruction of goodness abounds
while liberty’s resulting call resounds

who can hear the sounds of freedom calling
across a nation that’s fighting falling
pushing against destruction from the left
whose desire is to leave the land bereft

who can hear the sounds of persecution
wanting to spread lib’ral prostitution
selling children of the constitution
the beginning sounds of revolution


Copyright © 2018 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







August 14, 2018


the promised dawn will rise without warning
with sunshine’s golden glory adorning
staying hidden until least expected
when evil’s wrongs will be corrected

how then will patience find its perfect way
regardless of life’s distracting ballet
when social justice warriors attack
expecting sons of goodness to fight back

everyone evil spoken of aghast
never knowing why the virulence last
and why does the media take the lead
spewing disruption’s political creed

all the lib’ral lunatics fall in line
becoming adherents goodness decline
following wherever darkness decreed
demanding the constitution concede

masters of the universe follow suit
calling conservative speech hate’s recruit
ignoring the rights of innocent lives
to guarantee goodness never survives

behind the shadow of darkness we see
the one with whom all goodness disagree
calling on legions to gather in force
before the alter of lying discourse

they come in droves to set the world ablaze
riding on hatred’s violent clichés
seeing in their mind destiny’s desire
attacking the constitution’s attire

where then does this consuming madness lead
clamoring to make innocence bleed
never allowing goodness to succeed
before the day of judgement comes indeed


Copyright © 2018 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






You alone

July 29, 2018


i am seeking after Your perfection
with my heart open for Your inspection
test me try me to see if i hold up
and if i’m worthy to drink from Your cup

Your mercy and love endure forever
loving You my primary endeavor
because You loved me from the beginning
my heart will never ever stop grinning

to You O Lord belongs all of my praise
set apart by You for all of my days
desiring to give you all the glory
awaiting the finish of my story

You promised to provide so long ago
comforting me when i needed to know
always there unseen directing my steps
teaching me to follow all Your precepts

You promised to be faithful every day
discarding my sin if only i pray
thankfulness and gratitude overflow
from the depths of my heart You only know

many days go by knowing i fall short
sometimes anger i’m unable to thwart
sometimes my own ideas get in the way
forgetting to get on my knees to pray

sometimes thinking my ideas are better
making me an even greater debtor
my heart hears Your words spoken in my ear
saying wait on Me ‘til I reappear

with redemption in My saving right hand
and the inheritance My goodness planned
the promises of confessing My name
and believing My kingdom I did claim

my hope in You O Lord drives me onward
every day my eyes are looking homeward
but i am a stranger in a strange land
looking closely for the path You have planned

looking around i see evil encroach
knowing Your goodness looks on with reproach
You judge all the guilty accordingly
knowing their actions are done willingly

You alone know wherever this path leads
through the valleys where compassion concedes
and over the hills where wickedness breeds
into the sunshine where goodness succeeds


Copyright © 2018 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






from within

July 22, 2018


America’s government is broken
amping up hatred that’s being spoken
covering over deception with spin
seeking after destruction from within

they protect the D.O.J. at all cost
preventing the black hats from being crossed
weaponizing the F.B.I. defense
and pushing the special counsel offense

the left opposes everything that’s right
stopping Trump’s success their primary fight
accusing him of foreign collusion
when in fact it’s only hate’s delusion

their politics of distraction’s growing
as the left embraces evil knowing
they shatter common goodness to survive
and for opposition forces to thrive

the nation’s population sees it all
knowing that they are heading for a fall
this realization now dictates their fate
moving further left to spew out more hate

controlling the people their battle cry
convincing them capitalists must die
evil companies keep them from success
and military conflicts cause distress

worry how poorly others are treated
struggling to get by undefeated
numb the masses with everything free
so that no one will ever disagree

let in everyone over the border
even if they disdain law and order
some will murder rape and steal whatever
thinking they can continue forever

the left hates everyone standing for Trump
thinking of them as stupidity’s chump
stalking them at restaurants and at home
shouting out disdain from Alinsky’s tome

they also hate guns for self protection
thinking their righteousness self perfection
destroying the second amendment first
in order to act upon evil’s thirst

violence begets violence for sure
thinking that they have society’s cure
that the end justifies their behavior
so the violent can be life’s savior

why then has all sanity disappeared
from hearts and minds the left reengineered
from this politicized generation
set on destroying the greatest nation

bring the government to its knees they say
and enslave all who disagree today
collect all power so we can repay
goodness with all the evil hell convey


Copyright © 2018 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







July 4, 2018


congress lib’rals appear quite outspoken
demanding that they’re nobody’s token
spouting out hate of a diff’rent design
to set in motion cultural decline

arousing the left to harass Trump’s team
hatred to attack America’s dream
stalking the players wherever they go
disrupting personal peace all for show

other lib’rals follow along the path
spewing only vitriol in their wrath
following them to restaurants en masse
waiting outside private homes to harass

hostility reigns throughout city streets
the violence begotten by their tweets
here is Sarah and there is Pence working
pursuing goodness in the dark lurking

do they want to create a civil war
to demolish the goodness they abhor
do they want to bring down democracy
with their social justice hypocrisy

they say allow illegals in freely
fam’lies with all their children ideally
no one hostile will ever enter in
and kumbaya will keep out evil’s kin

they protest closing borders in a rant
abolish ICE their vitriolic chant
demanding illegal encampments closed
and all of their activity exposed

the only thing they fear is Trump’s success
and America saying to him yes
for greatness hides not ever in the dark
and goodness will always ignite the spark

but lib’ral radicals demand the prize
wanting everyone in equal’s disguise
creating a fantasy of all lies
to fool the innocence evil despise


Copyright © 2018 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






His name

June 26, 2018


there once was a teacher quite outspoken
speaking words of wisdom to the broken
walking the path His Father pointed out
following every step without a doubt

He spoke the truth of heaven and earth
and the law of sin and death and rebirth
showing the depth of God’s love for His own
for those that love Him who sits on the throne

walking among the many towns He found
the sick and possessed just waiting around
for God’s King to provide a helping hand
to offer the grace His goodness command

He found them enslaved by the evil one
in captivity with nowhere to run
taught to follow traditions of the past
in order for their godliness to last

and so He set about to set them free
selecting those who would believe and see
the glory of God standing in their midst
to gather His own who would not resist

they followed Him from town to town
proving He’s the one Moses made renown
seeing all the miracles He performed
gathering the many lives He transformed

healing them of their many maladies
and keeping them from entering hades
they confessed He’s Lord of all creation
and honored Him with faithful elation

but many in Israel believed not
wanting to stick to the schoolmaster’s plot
so they sought ways to condemn Him to death
not knowing He sustained their very breath

He died that fateful day upon the cross
leaving His own with agonizing loss
not knowing how mistaken they could be
waiting for Messiah to set them free

but to their chagrin He left them alone
not knowing for their sins He did atone
then after three days and nights He arose
to tell them that on death He did foreclose

heaven rejoiced when He returned to earth
appearing alive to offer rebirth
and after meeting with the eleven
they saw Him ascend up into heaven

carried away on the wings of a dove
to sit on His throne in heaven above
completing the work redemption required
leaving His many followers inspired

salvation and truth His greatest acclaim
when knowledge of the Holy we proclaim
to show the world the goodness of His fame
to everyone willing to praise His name


Copyright © 2018 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






revelation churches

May 14, 2018


revelation churches no longer stand
within the cities of an ancient land
destroyed by time and those that disobey
the Lord’s commandments that goodness convey

each magnificent candlestick burned bright
in the court of heaven with the Lord’s light
until the forces of darkness crept in
to chase away all goodness with their sin

the Lord of glory warned them to hold fast
to all they learned from beginning to last
when first His touch opened their eyes and heart
to know that His grace has set them apart

but many church goers have walked away
because they shunned not evil every day
and allowed deceitfulness of the flesh
to overwhelm their daily life afresh

they wanted not to know the living God
erecting for themselves a bright facade
strewn with ornaments of power and greed
following the ways of darkness indeed

they were then left to their own devices
in a fallen world of darkened vices
given over for evil to seduce
knowing everyone was without excuse

and many who continued to attend
either loved the Lord God or would pretend
each in their own way wanting to pursue
the shadow of godly goodness anew

but some would only walk in sunday’s light
and every other day in darkened night
because they would never pay the true price
when only their faith could ever suffice

through it all God would always choose His own
who from before the beginning were known
and then given to His begotten Son
who died in order that their souls be won


Copyright © 2018 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






a gift

May 1, 2018


when first my eyes beheld you i did know
something very special began to grow
speaking in pleasant repartee that day
when neither one wanted to walk away

friendship flourished when talking of past ways
before my sleeping heart was set ablaze
and the world’s foundation began shifting
all our hidden baggage goodness sifting

life’s rollercoaster took us for a ride
to places where neither one could decide
past disasters caused us to want to run
before we knew what goodness had begun

rather than run away we stood to fight
ready to overcome the past with might
when love began to grow before our eyes
we no longer needed our own disguise

looming death determined to tear apart
that which has grown between us from the start
but love proved stronger than either one thought
seeking after the promise goodness wrought

death could no longer maintain its strong hold
when the Lord snatched us up to Him behold
we grew together for thirty eight years
surrendering with gratitude and tears

thirty nine is quietly approaching
with the maladies of age encroaching
nevertheless we still follow after
the heartfelt closeness of friendship’s laughter

looking back in comfort from retirement
a life together lived in wonderment
always giving thanks for His precious love
we keep our eyes focused on Him above

never once did i doubt my love for you
when always with friendship passion pursue
the special connection that love has grown
a gift from the Lord for His very own


Copyright © 2018 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






battle lines

April 12, 2018


thousands of Hondurans are now coming
across Mexico defiance drumming
wanting to test American resolve
to see illegal objection dissolve

can we prevent them now from coming in
allowing the talking heads their false spin
and how can we stop them without a wall
when congress won’t act without a recall

Trump says the military can protect
keep our border from invaders unchecked
but what will the constitution permit
will congress approve it without a fit

can we really stop them at the border
using military law and order
what if they try to force their way across
won’t a fire fight be humanity’s loss

Trump threatens to shut down Mexican trade
if they don’t stop the illegal brigade
then Mexico retorts with backing out
of fighting the drug cartels with their clout

the long procession might be disbanding
to misdirect our keen understanding
to arrive at multiple locations
to create many more confrontations

but there is still a large group advancing
activists seeking freedom romancing
willing to die for America’s dream
to follow their passion’s illegal scheme

Arizona and Texas have agreed
to use the national guard to proceed
will New Mexico now want to comply
and will California be an ally

we need to guard the borders of all four
from the pacific to the gulf onshore
before they can establish a stronghold
encouraging more lib’rals to be bold

the lib’ral media will persevere
destroying the values we hold so dear
while making everyone think we’re awful
to condemn everything that’s unlawful

but laws exist to faithfully follow
even when officials feel they’re hollow
even when congress decides to go rogue
and implement lib’ral ideas in vogue

now’s the time to ask a simple question
who made the original suggestion
to gather thousands willing to invade
America with their lib’ral crusade

the battle lines are being drawn askew
setting the stage for evil to accrue
thousands of soldiers for the culture war
to overthrow goodness darkness deplore


Copyright © 2018 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







April 4, 2018


congress controls the American purse
and spending habits have been getting worse
they create debt that will not go away
debt that takes generations to repay

Trump’s making America great anew
by creating more business revenue
it helps to pay the bills congress decree
but cannot keep up with their spending spree

congress has now passed the omnibus bill
adding one trillion in debt to the till
debt to weaken America for good
as only left leaning socialists could

they defund the important border wall
so more illegals can answer the call
voting for the globalists spending more
on all the programs illegals adore

they continue funding planned parenthood
never asking the public if they should
people think that it’s murder to abort
innocence parents don’t want to support

sanctuary cities are funded too
that protect what illegal felons do
keeping them hidden from fed’ral arrest
so they can create criminal unrest

California is the worst offender
helping illegals of every gender
providing protection they don’t deserve
to continue evil that they observe

darkness hides in the hearts of these elite
who walk the halls of congress in deceit
pushing and shoving to get their own way
to dismantle America today


Copyright © 2018 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







March 17, 2018


i push the button to turn on power
and the disc spins around in the tower
the screen lights up with company logo
showing signs of getting ready to go

i use the computer for many things
for movies it plays and the songs it sings
listening to books and the photos saved
writing poetry and surfing what’s craved

the many apps help me do everything
fact finding with yahoo google and bing
searching biblical words to comprehend
the words God speaks of the final day’s end

i can write letters and email to friends
and write conservative posts that offends
and best of all i can play majong tiles
and keep track of all my important files

but i hear talk of conspiracies told
that privacy is secretly on hold
when the silent apps and widgets we trust
are collecting data for money’s lust

they store it sort it report it and more
and sell it openly to every store
not thinking it wrong to betray us all
in order to have us post on our wall

now they use it for political gain
to block conservatives with their disdain
to erase them from the public forum
without the necessary decorum

google has become the worst offender
in the search engine war a contender
returning the best selections it finds
to satisfy the most discerning minds

and then they decided to change the rules
thinking that they know better than the fools
because clearly everyone will believe
lib’ral ideas will hurting hearts relieve

youtube now follows in google’s footsteps
banning everyone with diff’rent precepts
thinking right-wing ideas racist at best
and enforce hatred and social unrest

facebook has also decided to ban
anyone who’s a conservative fan
and anyone favoring the right-wing
and are supporting Trump’s globalist sting

alexa listens to everything said
while storing it in the cloud overhead
how can we know they never share info
when the N.S.A. demands that they know

cortana galaxy and siri too
listen in on everything that we do
the listening’s getting out of control
something more and more companies extol

so why are these technology giants
so anxious to pacify their clients
to worship at the altar of the left
where evil leaves their precious soul bereft


Copyright © 2018 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







March 3, 2018


a young girl dances across the lit room
laughing to a magical tune playing
she twirls around in a bright pink costume
handed down from mom with the ends fraying

you can see the innocence on her face
as she spins around on her toes smiling
lost in the memory of God’s embrace
thinking His plan to be quite beguiling

she looks out the sliding glass door to see
the sunshine brightening the coming day
expecting her mom to forever be
ready to protect her in every way

she begins to see the gathering clouds
bringing darkness to the afternoon sky
knowing the reason the lingering crowds
worship at the altar goodness deny

and then she feels the wind shift direction
alerting her to darkness at the door
then remembers her mother’s instruction
to call upon the Lord forevermore

she wonders what the future will behold
when the darkness overshadows the good
and countless godly stories go untold
at a time when goodness misunderstood

and when will she be able to see light
shining brightly on many a dark heart
holding evil at bay without a fight
so goodness need not hide again apart

today she dances and sings happy songs
entangled in mom’s protective embrace
but when tomorrow adds its many wrongs
will she remember God’s forgiving grace


Copyright © 2018 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







February 18, 2018


why do Americans feel so betrayed
by the F.B.I.’s long spying crusade
established secretly by Obama
to help with Hillary’s melodrama

Hillary thought Trump’s unending lecture
on government ills complete conjecture
that he is politic’ly ignorant
and in foreign affairs belligerent

she thought him beneath her discerning mind
in political matters left behind
when he spoke loudly about right and wrong
as if he alone knows what makes us strong

while appointed secretary of state
she entered into many a debate
on preventing terror by suicide
while ignoring benghazi homicide

she would charge everyone for her influence
to quickly increase Clinton affluence
million dollar fees allowed her to choose
the right rules to match her client’s views

travelling the world in her private jet
conspiring with world leaders to beget
private deals for her foundation’s coffers
that we hope brings her D.O.J. offers

but then her computer server went wild
trashing all the correspondence she filed
how did it disappear she said when asked
forgetting the copies Huma amassed

they quickly scrambled to erase the files
handing over the computer with smiles
forgetting Huma’s husband had email
that backed up Clinton’s sedition detail

the F.B.I. began searching for facts
wanting to know all her illegal acts
so they could stop any prosecution
with a clever cover up solution

then they went out on a limb to protect
her reputation with a misdirect
denying there was any wrong doing
with anything they had been pursuing

this allowed for a presidential run
without fear prosecution had begun
opening her coffers for pay to play
and sending Sanders into disarray

D.N.C. super delegates allow
picking a backroom winner to endow
surprisingly it would be Hillary
chosen by their super artillery

she would be the best candidate ever
thinking of themselves to be quite clever
easily deceiving Bernie’s voters
with their super electoral floaters

then it was time to damage Trump’s campaign
with the Steele dossier to inflict pain
but Trump claimed Russian collusion all lies
while Obama said for Putin Trump spies

the media signed on to the story
trying to spin for democrat glory
by accusing Trump’s campaign of treason
all throughout the pre-election season

now we know who purchased the dossier
who wanted to attack Trump’s bold foreplay
both Hillary and the D.N.C. paid
third parties who created the charade

even F.B.I. leaders went along
with the charade to make Hillary strong
the D.O.J. too was willing to help
kill Trump’s campaign with a victory yelp

they lied to get a warrant to surveil
for dirt that would prevent Trump to prevail
the F.B.I. and D.O.J. agreed
all the evidence was truthful indeed

they knew the evidence was false at best
not wanting it to be put to the test
but everyone lied to protect the scheme
to help Hillary to attain her dream

a D.C. secret can never be kept
since the keepers always become inept
the naked truth will finally abound
sending everyone hiding underground

congress held hearings to investigate
looking for evil to interrogate
a special counsel was then selected
to convict a president suspected

the democrats were ready to destroy
president Trump with their childish ploy
but congress found that the democrats lied
and with the cover up they all complied

the special counsel talked to everyone
the left pointed to the dossier done
the right defended their suspect actions
but could not quell the counsel’s reactions

and all the counsel was able to find
were traces of Russian tracks left behind
they tried to rig the twenty-sixteen vote
thinking Hillary freedom’s antidote

the Trump campaign is no longer suspect
vindicated by the Russian connect
but Hillary and her cohorts are not
since they’ve been caught hatching this evil plot

and the F.B.I. and D.O.J. too
have been caught protecting Hillary’s crew
many have resigned and some others fired
and the public ultimately grew tired

no one understands the coming future
while evil controls the nation’s culture
we gave them our children our towns our schools
and they regarded us as country fools

where will we draw the line of last resort
will we listen to those who truth distort
or follow godly goodness to the end
and America’s greatness to defend

it’s time to choose this day whom to follow
those who choose to leave you spent and hollow
or those who can guarantee liberty
and America’s dream of equity


Copyright © 2018 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







February 4, 2018


why then do many find themselves betrayed
by elected officials gone astray
when the government elite masquerade
as the people’s champion to obey

and why does Schumer shutdown government
forcing good people to work without pay
he exhibits no sign of discernment
by allowing the illegals to stay

will our military protect and serve
all people regardless of position
and the government they swore to preserve
even if thought guilty of sedition

why then do the illegals enter in droves
quietly crossing the southern border
following coyotes to secret coves
provided by those seeking disorder

Shumer’s lib’rals are demanding a law
allowing the illegals to remain
but it will never leave the congress floor
when Trump rallies his forces to restrain

many millions may gain citizenship
if Shumer’s lib’rals can get their own way
but Trump will triumph with his brinkmanship
by providing the wall’s funding today

some dreamers may become a citizen
if they have no criminal history
and want to become a new denizen
of the true American mystery

chain migration demands a new debate
to discuss the unlimited entry
of fam’ly members walking in the gate
and bypassing the D.H.S. sentry

the hated immigration lottery
provides admission without background checks
a guarantee for open treachery
by admitting more terrorist suspects

even though Americans have spoken
to remove illegals from our nation
our immigration laws remain broken
and need to be replaced for causation

it’s now time to deal with the lethal threat
to attack the problem from every side
to pass a law only evil regret
when illegal entry’s flatly denied


Copyright © 2018 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






in the end

January 16, 2018


turn away today from evil speaking
about those with whom you now disagree
and continue not angry critiquing
of every conservative devotee

your anger will only set you apart
with all the hatred your mind can condone
and all the darkness in your hurting heart
to battle goodness again for the throne

hear not the hidden sound of ticking time
swallowing up the life you have undone
why have you not repented for your crime
against the nation you so desire won

illegal dreamers maybe save the day
to set the stage for your reelection
knowing not the final price you will pay
for freedom to take the wrong direction

so easily you ignore the founders
who established a government to last
based on the sacred honor of voters
to whom only integrity was asked

you encourage the dead to vote once more
for your latest left leaning lunatics
thinking you can easily change the score
in favor of your corrupt politics

lying comes so easily with a smile
about a sitting president who cares
with false claims of racism you beguile
an unsuspecting public unawares

you decry his straight forward honest speech
that wakes up America to your deeds
going on the offensive to impeach
with an ugliness only evil heeds

at the start your actions exposed your fear
of losing control of the election
so you used government to interfere
with your secret spying misdirection

in the end your corruption gets exposed
by sentries of a divided nation
trying to keep the door to darkness closed
to prevent liberty’s ruination


Copyright © 2018 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







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