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January 2014




January 3, 2014


atop swift horseback a new day approach
when before her morning evil tremble
caressed by her retribution’s reproach
upon the head of all who dissemble
remember forgotten truths unspoken
by an unbelieving generation
hearts hardened by promises long broken
and visions of coming desolation
when streams of innocent blood overflow
because lib’ral betrayal death pursue
every person whose moral justice know
by whom nature’s God liberty renew
       remove treason’s tolerance from within
       before her bloody victory begin


Copyright © 2014 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.





January 15, 2014


speak adeptly upon the public stage
of closely guarded social intercourse
where politicians correctly assuage
intolerant action without remorse
stand boldly before this generation
consumed by iniquity’s wicked word
of fairness’ pretense of condemnation
for ancient goodness evil call absurd
behold darkness upon far horizon
preceding coming of conquering king
when judgment’s prophetic word emblazon
many hearts to whom resurrection bring
       rejoice gladly for courage from within
       government deception consumed by sin


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February 2014




February 4, 2014


wherefore speak political word’s deceit
throughout a land wherein innocence dream
of pleasant days unhindered by elite
government officials evil redeem
godless souls caught beneath corruption’s hand
unable to resist dark temptation
from whence power’s deadly master demand
destruction of liberty’s foundation
slayers of prosperity’s gentle beast
upon America’s factory floor
before industry workers counted least
comprehend evil suppressed heretofore
       freedom’s enemies everywhere surround
       yet goodness prevail to evil confound


Copyright © 2014 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.





February 20, 2014


propaganda with subtle tongue bespeak
boldly of a coming prosperity
forgotten by all but life’s humbled meek
expecting promised word’s sincerity
when deception’s darkness unknown descend
upon undiscerning public with lies
unseen before her evil comprehend
and innocence fall prey to compromise
put forth by sovereign’s government wit
to usurp power upon gilded throne
with orders they illegally commit
against goodness desperation bemoan
       battle clouds quickly gather in the east
       humble heroes arise against the beast


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March 2014




March 8, 2014


many lights upon treachery’s hill shine
to guide the way of death’s congregation
learning incantations dark wraiths refine
from ancient scrolls confounding a nation
with expectations of peaceful pleasure
unassailed by greed or contentious speech
and hallowed by greatness without measure
in modern ballads liberals now preach
with obfuscation’s mask of compromise
for liberty’s application to cease
from serving a population unwise
in understanding the demise of peace
       can a nation divided ever stand
       to defend against collapse lib’rals plan’d


Copyright © 2014 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.




liberty’s flight

March 26, 2014


snow covered barns decorate the landscape
from the high western prairie moving east
to wooded path where righteousness escape
before the hand of evil’s coming beast
beware when overflowing rage consume
everyone upon whom goodness once rest
and whenever politicians presume
to influence everyday affairs best
defend a fading nation once perceived
as greatest to protect life’s downtrodden
from modern day democracy deceived
denying ungodliness yet hidden
       sentry alarms resound within the night
       to alert us all of liberty’s flight


Copyright © 2014 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.





March 31, 2014


wherefore not an american king rule
seated high above upon gilded throne
issuing orders oppression count cruel
when correctly enforced by mindless drone

cannot government elite make their case
for natural born leadership anew
knowing their own intelligence replace
any need for legal account review

a humbled population broken bow
before the seat of power’s corruption
expecting special favors to endow
a pleasant future without disruption

heretofore spoken objection remain
quietly neutered by hostile recompense
yet hidden among silent heart’s disdain
from retribution death’s demon dispense

nameless attacks upon innocence speak
of forceful vengeance for outspoken view
and positive praise upon loyal meek
for upholding lawlessness greed pursue

forego fear’s obstacle in goodness’ heart
where anxiety reveal her desire
remembering ancient document’s part
in fueling founder’s patriotic ire

arise once again for justice aright
before liberty’s destruction succeed
when providence demand verity’s fight
to protect against growing lib’ral greed


Copyright © 2014 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






April 2014




April 23, 2014


silent ghosts along the boulevard walk
from early morning to the sun’s retreat
where many fearful people sometimes talk
from behind darkened doorways of the street

daytime wanderers take refuge at dark
in densely treed properties remaining
hidden till morning’s light skyward embark
upon today’s eager search sustaining

hopeful outcasts seek for a better day
but cannot find the way yet untaken
while searching for assurance in dismay
when a new reality awaken

helpful hearts upon every hill approach
to gather together children broken
lost souls upon whom circumstance encroach
with life’s many treacheries unspoken

caring people volunteer precious time
to listen to the many stories told
trauma’s history leading toward crime
and violent addiction uncontrolled

anointed shepherds lead the way unseen
to a better beginning tomorrow
where character’s instruction intervene
for building skills to wipe away sorrow

self-sufficient behavior learned anew
awaken thoughts of coming better days
where integrity’s recompense debut
with transformation’s gratitude ablaze

cannot one ever conquer homelessness
with so many resources brought to bear
for ending habitual helplessness
redeems another from endless despair


Copyright © 2014 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






May 2014




May 15, 2014


political pride her reward demand
from all inhabitants of a nation
quietly drawn by obscurity’s hand
in service to debt’s accumulation

compounding regulation’s hardship grow
unabated for politician’s greed
transforming a people whose desire sow
oppression’s law of poverty decreed

homegrown energy flourishes alive
in abundance across the northern heights
where politics demand it not survive
galvanized in support of green’s delights

coal burning power stations now pollute
no more than an old politician’s speech
when conservation remains resolute
for liberty’s destruction evil preach

free flowing gasoline from nations come
expensive before this generation
held hostage beneath desolation’s thumb
to fuel a politician’s elation

our own refineries desolate lay
across the pages of history’s book
full of tales destruction’s madness repay
for prosperity which evil forsook

when the face of law’s defiance withstand
attack from moderation’s battle cry
designed so that indifference demand
constitution’s rejection in reply

knowing ancient documents countermand
engineering the social playing field
by demanding discipline’s reprimand
for creativity liberty yield

however still darkness descends behind
on an unsuspecting population
peacefully living freedom unconfined
unaware of coming revocation


Copyright © 2014 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






June 2014




June 4, 2014


insanity reigns among the elite
calling evil good for prosperity
in a dying democracy replete
with her outspoken insincerity

while poets remember love’s lost passion
and country singers write of treachery
our politician’s prevailing fashion
becomes worshiping evil’s sorcery

note how a lawless leader lingers long
upon dark thoughts of ending liberty
and plunging a once great nation headlong
into economic captivity

telling complicity’s redefined tale
throughout every corner of a nation
to common sensibility assail
with propaganda’s pacification

forget not the blood of patriots shed
upon American soil long ago
when a government upon freedom tread
and excess regulation overflow

how long a peaceful population wait
for evil to silently slink away
knowing wherefore reality dictate
opposition to lawlessness repay

before her coming distant battle cry
resounds oppression’s death across the land
to every person failing to comply
with persecution’s lawless reprimand


Copyright © 2014 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.





June 25, 2014


violence lingers silently beyond
reason’s border without understanding
demanding fervent followers respond
to a charismatic fool commanding

politicians reopen borders wide
under the guise of America’s dream
twisted in knots by lying lib’ral pride
for destruction’s deception to redeem

interlopers from a foreign country
forego family for reassurance
of promised governmental gallantry
to open shifting doors of tolerance

searching for freedom’s opportunity
throughout a land languishing divided
in order to destroy humanity
and to allow evil reign unguided

opposition’s anger in rage increase
against a government out of control
almost ready for oppression’s release
from a population virtue extol

when frustration flows across golden plain
to climb the highest mountain to foresee
patriots coming to destroy death’s reign
and to finally overthrow D.C.


Copyright © 2014 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






July 2014




July 4, 2014



Freedom needs to be exercised in order to be preserved.
Speak up now in the public forum, or lose your voice to tyranny.





July 26, 2014


integrity unwanted turns away
from growing government condescension
for announcing independence dismay
over lady liberty’s suspension

when unreason politicians proclaim
to an unsuspecting generation
with lie’s imagination to inflame
lawlessness corrupting a great nation

as desperation’s cry unheard at night
within gilded halls of power’s elite
unconcerned with America’s true blight
destroying goodness rendered obsolete

a senseless war on godliness engage
a faceless army hidden out of view
whose conspiratorial ways enrage
a people who morality pursue


Copyright © 2014 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






August 2014



when again

August 16, 2014


wherefore wisdom comprehend not darkness
in an outspoken politician’s heart
when contemplating future lawlessness
to force a nation’s goodness to depart

with many little rules to transform day
from life’s pleasant sunshine to endless night
and a multitude of ways to portray
his condemnation for a lesser’s plight

signing lawless presidential orders
designed to drive up life’s daily expense
and to remove the pretense of borders
protecting us from terror’s consequence

how then a loathsome lib’ral pen destroy
the promise of America’s great dream
with enmity his government deploy
many agents to whom evil esteem

when then congressional action abide
upon a promised lawful liberty
contained in a constitution applied
to guarantee freedom’s posterity

when again arise goodness to defend
the lost principles godliness reveal
to a people drowning at sorrow’s end
while patiently awaiting death’s repeal


Copyright © 2014 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






September 2014



time awaits

September 14, 2014


senseless death upon innocence descend
amidst the quiet days of summer heat
when reputation violence defend
against baseless lies of power’s elite

a time when life’s simple pleasures erupt
into looting a neighbor’s local store
by interlopers who want to disrupt
everyday comfort peacefulness implore

a time when retribution’s dark desire
out of evil’s bottomless cavern climb
from the depths where deadly demons conspire
to destroy all godly goodness sublime

a time when foreign fighters contemplate
an American homeland invasion
in order to infidel desecrate
upon the altar of truth’s dissuasion

time awaits considering her next move
against people ignoring signs of war
so arise to safety’s action approve
before devastation death underscore

arise against partisan politics
driving a government to inaction
and lying lib’ral apologetics
intended to destroy truth’s attraction

arise again freedom’s fierce defenders
to reestablish liberty once more
in order to expose proud pretenders
devoid of godly goodness heretofore

arise to our constitution adhere
before the approaching terrible day
when liberty and freedom disappear
and evil unchecked godliness repay


Copyright © 2014 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






October 2014




October 13, 2014


drones circle above in expectation
of catching evil’s henchmen unaware
while they prepare to strike tribulation
upon a government in disrepair

foreign fighters obsessed with destruction
of a western culture freedom uphold
stand captive to religious seduction
by the fables false godliness unfold

open borders remember not darkness
silently slipping through liberty’s gate
unattended due to lib’ral laxness
in order to democracy berate

sleeping terror among innocence hide
pretending to love America’s dream
while awaiting promises life denied
before destruction’s religion redeem

wherefore then education’s hate conspire
to raise up a wicked generation
with a heart that devastation desire
for the demise of another nation

wherefore now innocence unseen allow
the presence of immoral men hidden
among the godlessness they disavow
when partaking pleasant fruits forbidden

the final day of vengeance soon approach
from far across the storming sacred sea
where devastation’s demons seek reproach
upon the goodness liberty foresee


Copyright © 2014 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.




We Must Fight

October 31, 2014



Video by Matthew Worth (Canadianmatt3)
US Armed Forces “A Time For Choosing”
Speech By 40th President of the United States of America
Ronald Wilson Reagan (February 6, 1911 -- June 5, 2004)






November 2014



modern day prophets

November 5, 2014


modern day prophets of darkness conceal
a conspiracy growing against good
following government leader’s appeal
to progressive fanatics of falsehood

who misdirect the public’s attention
away from true disaster arising
to generate popular dissension
among the champions of uprising

anything necessary to prevail
against the moral majority’s stand
even enforcing destruction’s travail
from the beginning when lawlessness planned

America trapped within a torrent
spreading fear and death today
through actions good people deem abhorrent
while God’s justice await evil repay

cannot evil ever understand good
when a deceiving heart encased in hate
and set on accomplishing what they could
before scrutiny then demand debate

cannot goodness obstacles overcome
with the simple love of one another
brandishing God’s mighty sword to become
the salvation of a long lost brother

redemption follows from a humble heart
believing only God can show the way
when righteousness confess that sin depart
before the coming of the judgment day

when reasonable men regret defend
self-possession’s life of rapacious need
unable to godliness comprehend
when at the last to God they must concede


Copyright © 2014 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






December 2014




December 9, 2014


freedom remembers not tribulation
fighting for right in sight of God and men
when circumstance demands contemplation
of oppression returning once again

suppressing the truth innocence reveal
behind closed doors one to another
while awaiting a government’s appeal
so that freedom’s greatness soon recover

illegal activity yet remain
unchecked by the beltway bandit’s power
terrorizing all goodness with disdain
and seeking all godliness to devour

cannot then freedom overcome
selfish thoughts of everlasting control
when driven by frustration to succumb
to darkness filling evil’s deadly soul

wherefore freedom’s desire to be set free
contemplates wielding evil’s mighty fist
when sanity awake to referee
between lawful action and anarchist

yet freedom continues to form her plan
to modify a nation’s direction
knowing the progressive’s path never can
guarantee liberty’s resurrection


Copyright © 2014 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







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