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January 2017




January 9, 2017


a story has been told of a great king
who came in the lowliness of a child
and to Him all heavenly host do sing
in recognition of His mercy mild

He never owned a single possession
as He walked through the towns in homelessness
and never made a single concession
to Israel’s leaders of lawlessness

He entered Jerusalem unannounced
to be baptized in the Jordan by John
then Satan asked that goodness be renounced
so that Jesus could evil’s darkness don

but He would never deny His Father
for His obedience He did affirm
when thrice He did reprove Satan’s offer
overcoming temptation to stand firm

He called His twelve disciples to follow
and to leave all their possessions behind
wanting them to depart from evil’s shadow
to walk along the path the Lord defined

He performed miracles for all to see
so they knew that God sent Him as foretold
in the days when Moses said one like me
would lead you to His kingdom to behold

and thus many believed and followed Him
as He walked through the towns calling His own
they came to see at risk of life and limb
to hear the way of truth that He made known

He healed everyone who by faith believed
so He could do for them as for others
and showed the world goodness could be conceived
to dispel death’s darkness evil gathers

Israel’s leaders knew He had to die
if they were to hold on to their power
and so they conspired with evil to lie
to murder Him at the appointed hour

but the Holy One escaped corruption
when death could never hold His soul in hell
and His resurrection caused disruption
to Satan’s plans to godliness dispel

even though man could never stop sinning
due to a fallen rebellious nature
God had planned a way from the beginning
to give His children hope for the future

so take hold of His gift offered freely
to all who believe He died for your sin
and confess Lord Jesus to them boldly
when His salvation heals you from within


Copyright © 2017 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.





January 25, 2017


America became soft and battered
by lib’ral forces from within her midst
and her constitution torn and tattered
to guarantee her people not resist

all her claims of freedom and liberty
remain unknown to this generation
who grew up in lib’ral captivity
and were taught their lies for compensation

they never learned critical thinking skills
so as to discern godly truth from lies
and they listened to the media shills
who taught them godliness they must despise

power and fame are their promised reward
for following after lib’ral liars
and they guaranteed goodness be deplored
in order to follow their dark desires

today the battle has come to the fore
with lib’ral forces pretending retreat
while speaking the lies of a DC whore
who sells her service to johns on K street

all our politicians have gone astray
to follow after rapacious desire
in order to America betray
to the lobbyists with whom they conspire

they pretend to want what the people do
in order to get themselves elected
and then reveal the evil they pursue
against the goodness they have rejected

they speak crass words against goodness revealed
and destroy cars and stores to demonstrate
they accuse others of hatred concealed
hiding behind their intolerant hate

how then will justice expose their deceit
and all their lib’ral lunacy repay
when an outsider brings on their defeat
by opening doors for goodness to stay

but this now is just another salvo
in a war that has been raging for years
pray then that many victories follow
for goodness to repay their profiteers


Copyright © 2017 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






March 2017



testing a new president

March 6, 2017


people are willing to discard the law
that protects life from outside invaders
even from the fanatics they foresaw
coming from afar with death’s crusaders

fantasy informs them that all seems good
and that everyone believes life precious
trust then in others to do as right should
and ignore the evil growing vicious

Alinsky calls to his own from the grave
to destroy godliness wherever found
trusting Obama to goodness enslave
with his ugly activism unbound

hidden heretics strike out from the dark
ready to destroy a new president
speaking sedition’s casual remark
to reveal death’s deadliest dissident

when then many lib’rals attack with lies
and fake news to create contentious strife
to destroy the people evil despise
with calumny’s words to devastate life

many globalists have infiltrated
the halls of the political elite
a shadow government long created
to overcome the world with dark deceit

the battle lines have been drawn for some time
to set in motion a new world order
one which evil’s henchmen portray sublime
while secretly creating disorder

this unseen war rages throughout D.C.
for the soul of our great constitution
some believe that lawlessness can reign free
without ever seeing retribution

others think it protects all innocence
from the eyes and ears of our government
intent on illegal reconnaissance
to silence their opponent’s argument

we now stand on life’s precipice looking
at the dark road leading to tomorrow
wonder whether goodness is abounding
or retreating from our growing sorrow

imagine the tragic consequences
for allowing evil to overcome
by destroying our greatest defenses
without ever heeding the calling drum

why then do we forget to call goodness
to the forefront of the raging conflict
for He is our shield and our righteousness
even when our worship is imperfect

so arise O godly men of glory
to reclaim your sacred honor anew
the time has come to rewrite the story
evil wrote with her long attempted coup


Copyright © 2017 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






April 2017




April 16, 2017


the braying ego of a godless man
echoes through the cities of his nation
he thinks back to when treachery began
and imagined his own coronation

he would imagine evil to drive fear
into the heart of America’s soul
to destroy family and jobs held dear
and to put goodness under his control

the time came when he arose to power
and began to set his enemy’s fate
making his plans for goodness to cower
to the authority of the deep state

he ignored the people’s constitution
any time its demands blocked his desire
to incite oppression’s persecution
and pave the way for darkness to transpire

he then repeated all the lib’ral lies
as a puppet of the global elite
wanting to ensure the coming demise
of freedom and liberty at his feet

he encountered the ISIS brotherhood
starting uprisings in muslim nations
and provided weaponry when he could
for the rebel’s deadly aspirations

as is typical in life time ran out
before he could complete his darkest dream
so he left his followers most devout
to entangle Trump in his deep state scheme

his henchmen stayed hidden in the darkness
ready to destroy the new president
who legislated with godly goodness
to remove ties to the last resident

they started spying on him long ago
as a new presidential candidate
knowing they could use illegal info
to block appointments and intimidate

they created fake news about his life
and all his dealings as a businessman
knowing it would cause him unending strife
in dealing with the D.C. taliban

they even blocked his attempt to repeal
and replace the accursed Obamacare
which Trump promised voters in his new deal
to ensure them better medical care

and even his supreme court nominee
has been threatened with a filibuster
because the obstinate dems disagree
with a judge who already passed muster

but the senate leaders went nuclear
to lower the threshold to fifty-one
and elevate Trump’s legal warrior
in his most important battle yet won

creating new jobs was first on his list
with all the companies he knew before
he contacted friends so none would resist
moving manufacturing back on shore

he lacked the background to command in war
and many doubted he would take control
then Syria demanded he do more
in his military leadership role

he rose to the challenge on the world stage
in response to the use of chemicals
and launched cruise missiles to evil engage
denying deadly tools to radicals

Russia Iran and North Korea railed
against America standing for right
saying our motives would soon be unveiled
determined to world conflict now ignite

psycho Kim threatens a deadly attack
to America fearing for his life
knowing our battle group is coming back
as the world’s avenging surgical knife

whenever America acts from strength
the lib’ral lunatics come to the fore
complaining tolerance at any length
must be shown to those that goodness deplore

open conflict consumes national thought
throughout the countries of the east and west
each tries to understand what evil wrought
teaching muslim youth to goodness detest

know not then that the world is now at war
for the third time in the last hundred years
a time worse than the crusades of before
when once again religion interferes

just enter the code and press a button
and all the infidels can be wiped out
then return home to dinner of mutton
with the desert wilderness all about

a civilized response can then be sent
as a raining shower of destruction
upon the people terror did torment
during the last thousand years of seduction


Copyright © 2017 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






June 2017




June 12, 2017


the United Kingdom voted exit
from the European Union of states
because E.U.’s leaders became unfit
to restrain that which darkness procreates

freely the U.K. took in refugees
from war torn nations of the middle east
never expecting the hostilities
death demanded from her merciless beast

they gathered together in a ghetto
so that they might protect their sacred way
and then did heed death’s call to overthrow
all infidels in order to obey

and then with brilliance they decided how
to bring death’s destruction to infidels
by brainwashing their children to kowtow
to their leaders that evil now compels

they have entered unknown territory
where reason has been replaced by the quest
for greatness retold in human glory
and paid for by brainwashed children obsessed

blow yourself up in the market today
and then enter eternal paradise
with seventy virgins for death’s display
of your obedience and sacrifice

see how many infidels you can kill
along the path to earn your prophet’s love
thinking only that your glory fulfill
your destiny to meet greatness above

victory may now seem assured at last
when all the killing takes its toll in fear
spreading death among innocence aghast
at the ugliness your hatred makes clear

but hatred will only bring you sorrow
when you see how governments respond
with overwhelming force on the morrow
for the perpetrators that evil conned

and hatred brings unwanted attention
to your great jihad started long ago
and makes known your current dark intention
to destroy all innocence goodness sow

consider the promise may not be real
before you ever take your final breath
however great your hatred makes you feel
to have such power over life and death

and know that your hatred was born of lies
to turn your heart against all but your own
maybe then you can hear the people’s cries
and understand the heartache you have sown


Copyright © 2017 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






July 2017




July 15, 2017


silent demons dance across the night sky
waiting for violence to awaken
hoping to incite evil to comply
with resurrected plans unforsaken

they seek after truth’s destruction daily
in order to perpetuate their lies
and let desire lead them on a journey
to the precipice of their own demise

will then goodness arise out of the ash
of lib’ral policies torn asunder
after many years of socialist trash
have they really made their final blunder


Copyright © 2017 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






August 2017




August 4, 2017


America stands ready to attack
a rogue nation creating missile fears
with nuclear technology on track
to unleash her devastation and tears

China remains unresponsive to Trump
regarding help with North Korea’s threat
no the puppet master will never jump
to support destroying her rabid pet

North Korea’s Kim continues to brood
about America attacking first
knowing that his missile program pursued
guarantees devastation quench his thirst

Kim joined forces with Iran to deploy
a missile with a nuclear warhead
however Iran remains very coy
about her weapon’s fitness for bloodshed

will Iran finally show her true face
to a world wishing evil never thrive
she sits down to negotiate with grace
while keeping her nuclear work alive

everyone worries that warheads are sold
to anyone willing to pay the price
for terrorists will not long be consoled
by simple bombs to enter paradise

meanwhile back in the U.S.A. Trump fights
to root out darkness in the D.C. mire
to stop lying in which evil delights
and to mitigate rabid lib’ral ire

the blogosphere spews vitriolic hate
in support of the leaks and the fake news
pronouncing then their truth without debate
and attacking any with other views

the Senate speaks loudly with perfect pitch
attempting to destroy the righteous right
and to encumber their middle class bitch
with taxes likened to our founder’s plight

they promised they would repeal and replace
an imploding Obamacare right now
and then were re-elected with grace
to overturn the worst bill passed somehow

but the republicans cannot agree
whether to repeal or replace the bill
therefore condemning every enrollee
with skyrocketing costs draining the till

Trump threatens to cut the Senate’s budget
subsidizing healthcare costs reimbursed
to insure that they sincerely submit
a healthcare bill putting the people first

he does the administration shuffle
moving his players all around the board
trying to avoid a bloody battle
with the left leaning congressional hoard

nevertheless his strength comes to the fore
in negotiating deals with others
and in making sure defense is top drawer
with the best toys for his combat brothers

so even though China never responds
to help with North Korea’s aggression
he will not allow diplomacy’s bonds
to compel America’s concession

now America holds tests of her own
launching I.C.B.M. hunter killers
to insure incoming missiles are blown
out of the sky like in Star Wars’ thrillers

America stands ready to defend
her homeland from terror wherever found
a people who will argue to the end
yet battle as one to terror confound


Copyright © 2017 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.




hatred demanding

August 20, 2017


hatred gathers her forces quietly
sending them out to attract new recruits
then she indoctrinates them privately
to always follow her evil pursuits

she sets her focus on college students
to brainwash with her darkest obsession
while her lies arouse her new assailants
to perpetuate her deadly oppression

she shows her face in Charlottesville’s crime spree
attacking goodness from the left and right
where thousands protest U.S. history
yelling and fighting from morning till night

hatred refuses to ever take sides
in violence masquerading as good
not wanting to expose what evil hides
behind a facade that’s misunderstood

she manipulates those on every side
to do her bidding of intolerance
ensuring that violence will reside
in the heart of lib’ral belligerence

she incites the left to intimidate
with lying that leaves innocence aghast
motivating them to eliminate
all the symbols of America’s past

hatred topples confederate statues
that bring to mind a war against evil
a time when southern states had no excuse
but to aid in the works of the devil

by removing the statues from our sight
she rewrites our darkest past forever
continuing in her deadly delight
with the deception of her endeavor

demanding everyone silence God’s voice
spoken in the midst of public discourse
removing every alternative choice
from the public forum without remorse

it seems unlikely hatred ever ends
abolishing the current culture war
since her self-righteousness daily pretends
that she’s the one whom evil does deplore


Copyright © 2017 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






September 2017




September 3, 2017


all lives matter as much as black and blue
and brown and yellow also matter too
why then do people protest to pursue
the destruction of those they misconstrue

and not just with the adrenaline high
of spoken words and signs to explain why
but with violence that all must comply
with their command to liberty decry

bullying everyone who disagrees
with lib’ral lies that calumny foresees
everyone bowing to the guarantees
of power and fortune to evil please

activists who protest everything good
with vitriol to cower those they could
shutting down opponents before they would
stand upon the platform goodness stood

anarchy now reigns throughout the nation
causing every evil expectation
to take the fore in anticipation
of violence for the celebration

evil wins when freedom torn and tattered
running the other way quickly scattered
with the telltale signs of being battered
thinking goodness really never mattered

how then return we to civility
without everyone’s keen ability
to respect others with humility
and a strong desire for tranquility

and how then can we reverse direction
to make the necessary correction
before the twenty eighteen election
with a cure for Satan’s insurrection

we could perpetrate violence also
if only goodness allowed us to know
that for a season our evil could show
in response to the activist’s ego

so we could attack the left with bats
and use our fists to beat back the black hats
to fight all of anarchy’s diplomats
under the spell of lying democrats

but alas we cannot do as they do
we have a higher calling to pursue
following after goodness to renew
obedience to give God all He’s due


Copyright © 2017 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.




Lord of eternity

September 16, 2017


give unto the Lord glory due His name
creation of heaven and earth His fame
a strong tower of righteousness His game
and salvation and forgiveness His claim

God gave us His only begotten Son
Jesus of Nazareth the Holy One
to gather His own from under the sun
and wipe every tear away when He’s done

just turn to Him and say i’ve had enough
there’s no way i can do all this stuff
when life in this world has gotten too rough
with evil’s torment to make living tough

forgive my sins and trespasses this day
and give me my appointed faith to say
that Jesus reigns as Lord of life’s new way
and is forever in my heart to stay

therefore will i daily pray for goodness
and His eternal light of righteousness
to fill me with His joyful happiness
so all around will see His true kindness

call humbly upon Him to set you free
knowing He has chosen your destiny
then following obedience the key
for pleasing the Lord of eternity


Copyright © 2017 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






October 2017



the outsider

October 7, 2017


an angry activist stands all alone
awaiting approval from evil’s own
thinking liberty highly overblown
ready to wrestle goodness for the throne

he came out of nowhere to make his stand
ignoring everything history plan’d
rejecting freedom as law of the land
during his years of illegal command

he had his chance to make a difference
a world leader searching for relevance
speaking boldly for social tolerance
while encouraging open violence

but Providence made known His own design
electing an outsider for a sign
that maybe now we need to realign
our attitude so that goodness may shine

and soon the outsider found a dark scourge
left behind where swamp dwellers did emerge
to attach whenever they felt the urge
coming out of hiding to goodness purge

and these dark dwellers began to attack
with trash talking lib’ral lunatic flack
the outsider knew he had to fight back
tweeting his condemnation with a smack

right standing tall against the face of might
calling the dark dwellers into the light
so he could correct the middle class plight
and turn back the coming beast of the night

but now it seems he will never succeed
against lib’ral lies progressives decreed
in their battle against the goodness creed
and for the soul of America’s seed

congress attacks the struggling nation
desiring socialism’s occupation
to destroy the dream of expectation
for lady liberty’s coronation

senate republicans do their own thing
following the lobbyist’s money string
refusing to repeal healthcare’s dark sting
and the nation’s people disrespecting

then nature sent Harvey with fury’s bath
to devour Houston in its aftermath
and then Irma upon the wind’s warpath
to devastate Florida in its wrath

then came Maria with its full fury
destroying Puerto Rico’s property
turning from the U.S. coast abruptly
to slink away north eastward silently

and now a sniper attacks innocence
killing too many with ambivalence
bullets showering down in compliance
with evil’s dark desire for dominance

with every attack the outsider shows
his caring for those who suffer the blows
meeting them face to face compassion bestows
the silent comfort only goodness grows

will he win this battle of the ages
enacted upon history’s pages
on the left we see how evil rages
and on the right how goodness engages

i long to see the end of the story
where evil becomes the hunted quarry
never again to be predatory
when only God’s goodness gets the glory


Copyright © 2017 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






November 2017



only one

November 23, 2017


autumn clouds blow across the blacken’d sky
to shroud in darkness D.C.’s common lie
that fed’ral laws to them do not apply
and truth exists only to falsify

winds will change however from time to time
within the swamp some believe quite sublime
where the lib’ral left can commit a crime
to gain the lev’rage for their upward climb

and yet no one’s crime is ever punished
rarely is their reputation tarnished
never will they ever be admonished
and definitely never abolished

meanwhile let’s set aside the swamp for now
to look at hatred’s calling to kowtow
a country willing to goodness avow
with all the destruction evil allow

first term congressmen struggle to fit in
when learning the truth of their colleagues sin
of globalist pandering for the win
while offering up political spin

ex-presidents attack the newest one
some would say in order to greatness shun
but reality speaks to what they’ve done
to protect the globalist power won

Alabama politics joins the fray
with uniparty lies to save the day
to rescue a senate seat gone astray
because integrity goodness convey

global power money runs like water
through corrupt hands in the D.C. quarter
for money they all would trade their daughter
to lead America to the slaughter

so what can we do to stem the tide
of the global force amassing worldwide
wanting destruction to come from inside
with all the deception evil abide

only one stands up against what’s to come
long before he began beating his drum
make America great again the hum
demanding evil forces to succumb


Copyright © 2017 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.






December 2017



the path

December 6, 2017


a young boy stands looking into the well
seeing all that is ordained to transpire
then looks to the Ancient of days to tell
the meaning of all that his heart desire

he begins his journey along the path
set before him by the Ancient of days
walking through the valley of evil’s wrath
long before the darkness is set ablaze

he exits safely on the other side
expecting to be attacked on the way
seeing then clearly the chaos worldwide
where once tranquility was led astray

life goes on in the midst of the battle
between the henchmen of evil and good
he cannot ignore the lying prattle
coming from a conflict misunderstood

innocence cannot escape their worst fear
with violence running rampant in the street
many of the rioters persevere
until driven backward in forced retreat

mass shootings from a Las Vegas hotel
kill countless concert goers at night
while many find safety where goodness dwell
upon wings of eagles in soaring flight

more shootings at a Texas baptist church
kill children and parents in godly prayer
a neighbor fires back from his hidden perch
saving sunday worshipers unaware

malicious actions that hatred demands
to fuel the unseen fire burning below
can never be stopped by lawful commands
by a congress setting cities aglow

he looks back to where his journey began
knowing the Father’s promise still remains
then assessing the progress of His plan
follows the path that evil still restrains


Copyright © 2017 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.




too late

December 22, 2017


the name of the Lord is a strong tower
standing in the middle of every heart
safety can be found in His strong power
protecting every soul He set apart

be not ashamed for His gospel will save
everyone who believes He is able
righteousness is revealed to free and slave
yet only faith in Him will enable

put aside ungodliness forever
it will only lead to your destruction
set your mind on goodness to endeavor
to hear the truth from Jesus’ instruction

see not the emptiness hiding inside
when your heart intently desires the good
and see not your mind seeking after pride
in order to do that which evil would

learn from your introspection of the past
knowing all your behavior sets your fate
and come to the resurrection at last
before death’s destruction makes it too late


Copyright © 2017 by Ken Gilbert. All rights reserved.







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